essential oils experience

Alkira essential oils are 100% pure and natural. Vividus has made a selection based on quality raw materials, method of extraction and country of origin to offer a maximum quality- price relationship.
Also the design respects the essence. The very special violet glass bottles block out the light and help maintain the essential oil at its very best over a period of time.

Alkira Vividus - Oli essenziali puri e naturali al 100%

Bitter Orange • Cinnamon • Eucalyptus Ginger • Lavender • Lemon
Lemon Balm • Majoram • Peppermint
Rosemary • Sage • Sweet Fennel
Sweet Orange • Tea Tree • White Thyme

These are the Alkira essential oils that are currently available . A selection that will continually be enhanced.

aromatize food and drinks, steam inhalations, aromatic baths, enrich cosmetics, aromatize ambiences.

10 ml

drinks and foods: not more than one or two drops
steam inhalation: 5 -10 drops in hot water
aromatic baths: 10 drops in the bathwater
cosmetics: 10 drops per 200 ml of cream or detergent
ambience: 10-15 drops per 100ml of water in the diffuser.

Modalità d'uso degli oli essenziali Alkira - Vividus